Welcome to my blog The NeonSoup House!

My name is Dave Winter, but I also go by x0darkpadr3 online.

I live in Prairie country near the beautiful Canadian Rockies with my family. I'm a proud Aussie who ironically became a Canadian citizen on Australia Day many years back.

I studied Hebrew and archaeology at university, was a youth pastor in a couple of churches, and worked as a youth worker/food services manager for a Christian social non-profit that helps at-risk kids.

Most recently, I have been a stay-at-home dad while trying to transition careers into Information Security (InfoSec).

I recently finished a 10-month university program in Cyber Security and have obtained my CompTIA Security+ Certification. I have also been working on furthering my skills in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Python, plus gaining my Private Investigator's licence.

I guess that's me in a nutshell!


This blog is eclectic, as I like writing about Faith, Books, Mental Health, Fitness, OSINT, Private Investigating, Politics and Travel. I'm also a bit of a hobbyist when it comes to researching the Religious Right, populism and conspiracy theories.


You can use the tags below to navigate these different topics, both here and on my personal Mastodon Account 🦣:

OSINT & Investigations: OSINT, Python, Tools and Private/Online Investigating. 🦣

Prairie Life: Thoughts about life on the Canadian Prairies, including Family News, Travel, Photography, Mental Health, Disability and Parenting. 🦣

Faith, Theology & Spiritual Formation: Devotional Thoughts, Sermons, Theological Quotes & Prayers. 🦣

Christian Nationalism & Populism in Canada: Commentary on Conspiracy Theories, Populism, the Religious Right and the rise of Christian Nationalism in Canada. 🦣

Brain Dump & General Writing: Whatever is on my mind, regurgitated for your pleasure. 🦣

I have also written extensively on my journey towards recovery from familial spiritual and emotional abuse.

Finally, you can read our latest family newsletter here.

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