Inspired by Derek Sivers' Now Page Movement, I am going to use this page to keep everyone updated on what I am up to right now.


⇒ Planning a 2-week road trip to San Francisco with the family in July. I am excited to go to Oregon and then down the Pacific Coast Highway. Jen has been superb in mapping it all out and looking for campsites/hotels for us to stay at. I'm in charge of audiobooks and making sure the vehicle is ready to go!

⇒ Talking as a family and with immigration lawyers about what it would take for us to move back to Australia. It is a complex process due to our adopted daughter, but we feel we need to make a fresh start as a family.

Our support network is there, so why not seriously consider this option?

If this doesn't happen, we will consider buying and putting down permanent roots here in Alberta. 😢


⇒ Working through both the OSINTION and My OSINT Training's catalogue of courses to polish/level up my OSINT skills.

⇒ Learning the basics of Python, Python scripting and Regex via TCM Academy and The Taggart Institute.


⇒ Researching the relationship between the populism and political conservatism of Alberta with that of religious fundamentalism (especially in Pentecostal and Word of Faith circles). I'm hoping this forms a solid foundation for understanding the rise of Christian Nationalism and hyper-spiritualized extremism in Alberta.


⇒ Cory Doctorow's novels Little Brother & Homeland, Attack Surface and Red Team Blues.

⇒ Kristen Hattons' Parenting Ahead: Preparing now for the teen years

Religious Dimensions of Conspiracy Theories, edited by Piraino, Pasi and Asprem.

Preparing for War: The Extremist History of White Christian Nationalism, by Bradley Onishi.

⇒ Whatever is on my current newsletter rotation.



Listening to:

⇒ My current Podcast rotation.

⇒ My ever evolving Spotify playlist.


⇒ With Jen, I am considering rejoining Noom. It worked like a charm when we did it together a few years ago. We need to get back into some healthier eating habits.

This page was updated on May 28, 2023.