The NeonSoup House


This has become a 'living document' that gets added to as needed. Writing it has become deeply therapeutic for me. It has helped ground me in a reality that is based on goodness and truth; not the many lies and it's ensuing destruction. It has also been instrumental in helping me find some for of healing and recover my God-given identity in Christ – mind you, ever so slowly. Finally it serves as the antidote to a lot of the gaslighting and abuse that I (we) have experienced over the past 16 years.

The Post is pretty emotionally raw and opinionated in some places; based on a lot of what I have experienced and what I can remember – mainly supplemented with facts and evidence from conversations with my wife as well as the emails/letters/texts sent to us, my place of employment and my family back home in Australia. As with most posts of a personal nature, the events described here, have been written about through the lens of my pain and experience.