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Welcome to my blog The NeonSoup House!

My name is Dave but I also go by x0darkpadr3 elsewhere online.

I live in prairie country near the beautiful Canadian Rockies with my family. I'm a proud Aussie who ironically became a Canadian citizen on Australia Day a few years back.

I studied Hebrew and archaeology at university, was a youth pastor in a couple of churches, and worked as a youth worker/food services manager for a Christian social non-profit that helps at-risk kids.

Most recently, I have been a stay at home dad while I career transition into Information Security (Infosec).

In 2020, I finished a 10 month university program in Cyber Security and have recently obtained my CompTIA Security+ Certification. I have also been working on gaining skills in Blockchain development, NodeJS, Privacy and Application Security.


I'm passionate about mental health, pop culture, politics, blockchain development, bug bounty and application security. I also like to write devotional posts on different passages of Scripture.

#MentalHealth | #PopCulture | #Politics | #BlockchainDev #BugBounty | #AppSec | #Devotionals | #SpiritualFormation

#100DaysToOffload | #Habakkuk

You can also use the above hashtags to navigate these different topics/series throughout my blog.

Finally, I am a Fedora & SecBSD user; who is a member of the OpenJS Foundation, the OWASP Foundation and Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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